Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2010 - The Year in Review

This will be a busy blogging week for me - I have to post this one (only a few months late), and then sneak in my goals for 2011 before the first race on Saturday! And I also need to post a ton of photos from the trip to Ireland...

I kept pretty much the same categories as last year.

  • Best race performance (according to me!): Bighorn 50M

  • Most fun "racing": Where’s Waldo - 15 hours hanging out with Kami and lots of reminiscing over the past 4 years of our ultra-running careers. Good stuff.

  • Most memorable training run: An 8 mile round trip through Ecola State Park with the most beautiful surroundings and great company.

  • Toughest race: Hellgate 100K

  • Best organized race: Afton 50K. I didn’t run it this year which is probably a better way to judge… it doesn’t just look organized, it really is!

  • Best course finish: Miwok 100K – WOW – after running crawling up Wolf Ridge, it was sooo much fun barreling down the mix of trail and road to the finish line at Rodeo Beach

  • Smartest race: Bighorn 50M

  • Best fueling experience: Bacon at the Cow AS at Bighorn 50M

  • Best supporters: Just one award this year – Chris’ support at Hellgate was hard to beat.

  • Most awful race: Superior 50K. The race itself is great of course. But my race sucked.

  • Smartest training decision: Getting ART from Dr. Wade Folske post-Superior 50K and actually following through with exercises/weights in the weeks leading up to Bighorn 50M

  • Best race shirt: Afton 50K

  • Best pre race: Hellgate 100K. Love it.

  • Best post race: Bighorn 50M. Outdoor pancake breakfast the following morning in downtown Sheridan attended by all the runners and crew = Awesome!

  • Best winner’s schwag: I walked away from Psycho Wyco with $150 + $50 gift cert + new shoes + cool shirt, so that’s kind of hard to beat! But I think the $250 Patagonia down jacket from Hellgate 100K narrowly does that.

  • Most fun event: Surf the Murph gets this one again. The repeat aid station was a blast.

  • Worst racing decision: I made it through the year (running) injury free so I guess nothing to report here.

  • Best finish line feeling: Hellgate 100K

  • Most unexpected result: Hellgate 100K. For sure.

  • Wisest RD words: Bad Ben at Psycho Wyco… “Keeping your shoes clean is optional”

  • Best volunteers: Where’s Waldo – especially the folks and the Heaven & Hell AS