Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2010 - The Year in Review

This will be a busy blogging week for me - I have to post this one (only a few months late), and then sneak in my goals for 2011 before the first race on Saturday! And I also need to post a ton of photos from the trip to Ireland...

I kept pretty much the same categories as last year.

  • Best race performance (according to me!): Bighorn 50M

  • Most fun "racing": Where’s Waldo - 15 hours hanging out with Kami and lots of reminiscing over the past 4 years of our ultra-running careers. Good stuff.

  • Most memorable training run: An 8 mile round trip through Ecola State Park with the most beautiful surroundings and great company.

  • Toughest race: Hellgate 100K

  • Best organized race: Afton 50K. I didn’t run it this year which is probably a better way to judge… it doesn’t just look organized, it really is!

  • Best course finish: Miwok 100K – WOW – after running crawling up Wolf Ridge, it was sooo much fun barreling down the mix of trail and road to the finish line at Rodeo Beach

  • Smartest race: Bighorn 50M

  • Best fueling experience: Bacon at the Cow AS at Bighorn 50M

  • Best supporters: Just one award this year – Chris’ support at Hellgate was hard to beat.

  • Most awful race: Superior 50K. The race itself is great of course. But my race sucked.

  • Smartest training decision: Getting ART from Dr. Wade Folske post-Superior 50K and actually following through with exercises/weights in the weeks leading up to Bighorn 50M

  • Best race shirt: Afton 50K

  • Best pre race: Hellgate 100K. Love it.

  • Best post race: Bighorn 50M. Outdoor pancake breakfast the following morning in downtown Sheridan attended by all the runners and crew = Awesome!

  • Best winner’s schwag: I walked away from Psycho Wyco with $150 + $50 gift cert + new shoes + cool shirt, so that’s kind of hard to beat! But I think the $250 Patagonia down jacket from Hellgate 100K narrowly does that.

  • Most fun event: Surf the Murph gets this one again. The repeat aid station was a blast.

  • Worst racing decision: I made it through the year (running) injury free so I guess nothing to report here.

  • Best finish line feeling: Hellgate 100K

  • Most unexpected result: Hellgate 100K. For sure.

  • Wisest RD words: Bad Ben at Psycho Wyco… “Keeping your shoes clean is optional”

  • Best volunteers: Where’s Waldo – especially the folks and the Heaven & Hell AS


    Casseday said...

    Congrats on a great year. I hope 2011 is even better!

    olga said...

    Love the categories!

    Chris Swenke said...

    Sounds like a great year indeed. It was great to follow you adventures vicariously here and on Facebook.

    Also thank you for your hard work at Surf the Murph it was great know that your awesome aid station and infectious attitude was just around the corner. I think this surely helped me get through my first 50 miler.

    Look forward to running with/behind you this Saturday at Chippewa. See you there.

    Beth said...

    Congratulations on a great year, Helen. Best of all, it sounds like you had a lot of fun with some great people along the way. I hope this next year brings you all kinds of wonderful adventures!

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