Monday, December 20, 2010

Tuscobia Winter Ultramarathon

First of all - I did NOT do this race :)

Even if I had not run Hellgate last weekend I suspect this would not have been in my plan... but I am intrigued by it and perhaps next year I'll try the 50K as a Hellgate recovery run!

The reason for my posting on the Tuscobia Winter Ultramarathon is that I want to congratulate the winner of the 150 mile foot race (and indeed all of the participants in all divisions in the three races). Yes, you read that correctly. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILES on FOOT, on a SNOW mobile trail, PULLING a SLED!

I am tried just writing about it...

Chris Scotch, who's name comes up a few times in my Hellgate report below, ran his first ultra in July of this year. I guess you could say he was hooked. Read about his passion for running but also for supporting a wonderful cause on his website "Where's Chris Scotch". While there, perhaps think about donating a certain number of cents per mile :)

On Friday morning, he along with 3 other intrepid adventurers set out on foot from Park Falls in Northern Wisconsin, heading west for 75 miles on the Tuscobia State Trail to Rice Lake, and back again. The temperatures were in the single digits for most of the daylight hours, falling below zero F at night. There were two aid stations (in motel rooms) along the way, in Winter (appropriately named) and Birchwood.

Chris won the race in approximately 60:25, crossing the finish line just before 7:30pm last night.

His body is currently deciding if it ever wants to speak to him again.