Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Recovery x2

Well, the good news is that I haven't gone crazy... yet! This is my third day of sitting on the sofa with my foot elevated. I had the cyst removed from my right foot on Monday. It was a ganglion cyst - decent size, about 5 cm long and a visible bump just below my inner ankle bone. The surgery went well and I got all bandaged up and was out of the clinic within 3 hours. I have some pretty strong painkillers but haven't needed to take them much - took a few yesterday to help with the inflammation but only getting a few random shooting pains. The cyst was intermingled around the tendon and nerve so those were probably a little upset but it seems to be healing well. I'm seeing the doctor later this afternoon so hopefully it looks good when the bandage comes off. I guess I'll get a smaller bandage then and be back next week to get the stitches out. I'm using crutches to get around though I am allowed to use the shoe and put some pressure on it.

It's grand being at home as I can do most of my work from my laptop anyway. And then there is always the World Cup... and Wimbledon... and... I won't tell you the trashy TV I've been watching on Bravo!

Apart from the foot my legs are feeling good after Bighorn (working on the race report!). My toenails are in bits though - I had covered the two big toenails with band-aids before the surgery but they took the one off my right foot - I can just imagine what they were thinking!! The first question I got as I was coming around was what on earth do you do to your feet? And also that I should have told the anaesthetist I was very active - he was getting a bit worried when my pulse fell to 37. A few years ago my resting heart race was in the high 60's but now it's low 50's.

Now, back to the longest tennis match ever... they are at 38 games each in 5th set!! work.

Thursday Update -

The good news is the foot is feeling better each day. The swelling was pretty much gone yesterday and the doc replaced the bandage with a smaller one. And I got a walking boot to use as I can put pressure on the foot just need to keep it stable. Bad news is the cyst was bigger than expected and while the surgery went well I will be in the boot for longer than I'd hoped. Oh well, I guess I just have to do as I am told and in the long run it will be worth it.

Thanks for the advice on the pills - as it happens I've hardly had any pain so only ended up taking 3 between Day 1 & 2. No ill effects. So far.

World Cup got pretty exciting between yesterday and today - have to say the US goal in the 91st minute was worth waiting for. And today the Slovaks scored some great goals to send Italy home. Another big team fails to move past the first round. This is the World Cup of upsets so far.

On the tennis front - how about that mega match that finally ended at 70-68 in the 5th set. They played for 11 hours and 5 minutes!! As well as all the records set during the match it was probably the first time the word Ultramarathon was uttered by a Wimbledon commentator - when it went past 9 hours they figured Ironman triathlons are usually done by then (elite men perhaps...) so they were wondering how long it would take to complete a 100 mile race!

Steve - I am slightly embarrassed to admit that you are spot on regarding the Bravo TV :)