Friday, February 26, 2010

Flight Attendant Humour

It's not too often you remember the flight attendants for their humour these days. But in the past two weeks I've been on two flights where they really did keep us entertained. Flying MSP to Boston on Presidents Day the flight attendant announced he had bottles of wine to give away and started a quiz on US Presidents - press the flight attendant button if you know the correct answer. It was hilarious - most of the questions took people a minute to solve (e.g. how many presidents died in office)... and then the board up front would light up and the attendants would figure out who answered first and if they are correct - and here's a bottle of wine!

The flight attendant button took on new meaning on a flight from Burbank, CA to Las Vegas earlier this week. Flying Southwest for the first time I have to say the service is as good and efficient as I expected. As we were taxi-ing (how do you spell that word?) the usual announcement came on - "We will be dimming the cabin lights for take-off. There is a reading light located in the panel above your head." And then... "Please note that if you press the flight attendant button it will not turn us on."