Sunday, February 7, 2010

Well said!

Went to 2hr spin class this morning and we watched the final stages of the 2005 Tour de France. Giuseppe Guerini won the 19th stage and was interviewed afterwards:

Reporter: "You're 35 so you're a senior citizen in this race. Was this a victory for your legs or your head?"

"Both. You need the legs to get to the front. And when you're in front, you need the head to stay there"

You may remember Guerini from the 1999 Tour. He won the Alpe d'Huez stage - one of the hardest and most famous climbs. When he was in the lead, a German photographer in the middle of the road jumped to the side just as Guerini tried to go around him... only a few hundred metres before the finish line. He hit the photographer and fell, but he managed to get back on his bike and win the stage.

Watch it!

Kurt posted the link to a really great film that I watched last night - this is a 90 min movie (not a short You-tube clip!) but definitely worth the time.