Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Foot Record at Arrowhead 135

Zach Gingerich crossed the finish line at 9:02PM. 38 hours and 2 minutes after leaving International Falls. Incredible!

About 2.5hrs under the previous course record set by John Storkamp in 2008. Conditions appear to be pretty favourable this year. Well, if you call not too far below zero favourable :)

Looks like last year's winner Eric Johnson is in second place and I think John is in third. But no recent updates. Several locals still going strong out there as they head into a second night.

Wednesday morning...

Eric Johnson finished 2nd on foot at 5:25AM - 46h25
John Storkamp & Matt Long next at 6:39AM - 47h39

As we were all waking up from a second night's sleep since this race began :)

Scott Myers, Daryl Saari, John Taylor, Tim Roe (ski) and Pat Susnik (finished! - sorry, "at finish" = dropped; bummer - after getting past 100 miles, but I guess that goes to show how much is still left to go at that point...) among the folks still moving - from the 5:30AM update they are all north of the Tipi checkpoint - so they should finish over the next several hours if things go OK...

Wednesday evening...

Scott and Daryl finished around 2pm, Tim also finished this afternoon, and John rolled in a little before 7pm - awesome job to make that finish line after close to 60 hours on the trail. Hard to fathom. They are all winners, everyone who set out at 7AM Monday morning.

Would I ever consider it? I don't know. I think it's a little too close to serious danger for my liking!