Saturday, June 19, 2010


So I haven't been doing a great job keeping up to date here but hoping to improve that... will be on my butt the next few days between race recovery and then surgery recovery! For now, some life shorts...

- Have failed miserably to write up a race report for Superior 50K but have a cunning plan to make up for it. Next post.

- Ran Bighorn 50M today. One word - BEAUTIFUL. Hard to believe the scenery. My race went well. I was really thrilled to finish under 10 hours - 9:42. And since Darcy Africa decided not to come I took first female. Thanks Darcy :)

- That race report will most definitely be written in a timely manner!

- Work is busy. So between that and trying to get a decent amount of sleep blog writing and more importantly - blog reading - gets left behind. I gotta get caught up.

- The World Cup got infinitely better when Mexico kicked France's butt. France who should not even be there. In case you are not in the know (possibly not being FOOTBALL fans) - google Hand of Gaul.

- I love that 'google' is a verb

- I hate that sportswriter Rick Reilly felt the need to explain in his report that vuvuzella is pronounced Voo-Voo-Ze-La

- Steve's Afton shirt is at the printers. He will enjoy it. We all will.

- Good news - I am getting the stiches out 10 days after Monday's surgery rather than 2 weeks so I will be out of the boot in time for Afton. No, I am not running it. But it will make volunteering easier.

- Honestly I am looking forward to 10 days of limited activity.

- Of course, I say that now. By Thursday I may be a basket case.


nwgdc said...

1st at Bighorn? You're amazing!
Looking forward to Steve's Shirt.
Bring the boot along to Afton. Someone else may end up needing it, or needing to be hit in backside with it.
Congrats again Helen! Wow!

Anonymous said...

A few days On Butt sounds great to me. Enjoy it while you can. It won't last long.
Congrats again on the big win yesterday; great time.

Mark H. said...

Congrats on the Bighorn! I would love to run the 50M based on some of the pics I've seen. Hope to see you at Afton.

Steve said...

Fantastic result at Big Horn, Helen. I think you've "earned" 10 days of "rest". I hope the surgery goes well and I look forward to seeing you at Afton. BTW, I have Mexico in my company WC pool, so I've been more than thrilled with their performance thus far. As of now, I'm in 2nd place with my best squads being Mexico, Paraguay, Switzerland (huge win over Spain) and possibly Portugal (they need to put balls in the back of the net though).

sea legs girl said...

Well, there's the Helena Lavin I know... first female in every ultra. Darcy Africa probably "couldn't make it" because she knew there would be real competetion :).

I am very happy for you since you also seem pleased with your result. I do not know anything about Big Horn, so I can't make any sort of intelligent comment about it until I read your full description :). But I'm glad it was beautiful.

Chris Swenke said...

All I can say is Wow and a hearty congratulations on Big Horn!

Hope all goes well with the surgery and the rehab. Looking forward to chatting at Afton. Man this is coming up quick.

Enjoy the time off!

Beth said...

Congratulations on your race! I'm glad you are getting your foot taken care of and you won't be out of training for as long as you thought. I'm sure you will be glad that you had it done and over with. Take care and enjoy your great race after-glow!

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