Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kettle Moraine 100M - Girls rock!

But then again, so too do the guys...

he comments on KG's facebook page got me thinking about whether or not girls do better than guys in tough conditions - particularly in ultras. Anecdotal evidence (a.k.a. my own personal opinion) would suggest yes. So I ran the numbers from KM100 which was surely a miserable day on the trail if ever there was one...

155 Starters: 34 women, 121 men
51 Finishers: 9 women (26.4%), 42 men (34.7%)

So I guess it's just the central Wisconsin gals that rule the guys then... the
LPTR gang were well represented... but who made it through 100 miles? Ladies 4 for 4, and the boys 0 for 6. Hence, it was only right to
steal Christine's comment to say that yes, Girls rock!

Congrats to all who raced regardless of how it went on the day. I think its fair to say that Kettle Moraine is known for it's tough conditions so anyone who signs up is worthy of praise. On a good day it can be a speedy, relatively non-technical course. On a bad day it can be, well, ask the LPTR guys...

In the 100K - Brian Peterson ran a super fast first 50K and then a... slightly slower second 50K. I cannot wait to see what Brian is capable of when he figures out the pacing for longer than 50K races! Christine Crawford ran a strong, smart race to win for the women and finish 2nd overall. Paul Holovnia took 3rd and 1st masters. And for the record, he is not ashamed of getting chicked.


sea legs girl said...

Well, yes, being from central Wisconsin myself (or thereabouts), it is common lore that the women rule the men. Perhaps it was the Minnesotans that ruined the stats? I haven't seen the numbers, though.

Matthew Patten said...

I think it was the KC Nerds who ruined the stats.

Angela B asked me a few weeks back "why do you guys do that? You always go for broke"

And...... they all broke on that race

olga said...

Testosteron in big quantities without brain to control the output in time.

Jordan said...

I think if you look at the results from other ultras, such as the Western States or Leadville you might find the female finish rate to be higher than the male's.

Jordan said...

Hi Helen-
Glad to see you you found my blog, I don't think I have quite the following you do though. I had a great time at the MSP marathon, it was a new PR for me, but I really struggled at the end. I'm running Grandma's marathon this weekend, so hopefully that goes a little better.

Unfortunately I'll be traveling for work during Afton this year, but I had a great time last year, I'm really disappointed that I'll have to miss it. I have been in more of the marathon mode this year, so that was going to be my big trail race of the year, hopefully to get back to the trails soon and back to the ultras. Some of Brian's results are pretty impressive, but we'll have to wait for another race to face off, I guess.

My other blog has sort of been retired, but I thought that the White Tiger was a great book. I like books that provide you with a new prospective and I thought this one did a good job at that. Hope you enjoy it. Good luck with the rest of your races this year, hopefully I'll see you around.

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