Saturday, May 1, 2010

Miwok - brief post race update

I did surprise myself - but not in a good way... I wanted to lie down on the trail and sleep at mile 20!! I felt so done. Zero energy. I was walking even the smallest of hills. Thankfully I recovered over the next several miles and the second half actually felt better than the first. Mind you, it's all relative. This is one tough course. And it did all the kicking butt today.

11:20, 13th F

Happy enough. I know, I know, I should be thrilled all things considered. It was such a beautiful course and I am incredibly lucky to be able to spend the day running along trails with views that are all worthy of screensavers. But man it hurt like hell!

Kami Semick won (again) in 9:10 and Tony (God) Krupicka in 8:02. Zach Gingerich (the only other mid-westerner) was among the early leaders but must have dropped in the first 20 miles.

In other racing news - Congrats to Pam for taking 5th in her AG (another podium finish) at IM St. George, Utah... likely the toughest ironman course out there!


sea legs girl said...

Helen! Way to go! Despite your hitting a wall at 20 miles, you still got under your goal of 11:30. It sounded like a tough course and a tough day. Rasmus and I were following on twitter yesterday and we were so mad when a different Helen showed up in the top 5 women. How dare she! Well, you can't control who shows up, you can only control how well you do compared to your potential on that day and you were absolutely amazing: awesome time on such a challenging course!

Anonymous said...

Every day is a good day to run on a trail,some are just better than others...Stew

nwgdc said...

Mega Congratulations to you! You were only 20 miles in, felt terrible, but rallied for the final FORTY TWO MILES. Amazing!

Marie said...

As above - well done - that is a great finish on what looks like an amazing but difficult trail. Congratulations!

Steve said...

There's no such things as failures - only experiences from which we can learn. That being said, I hope you still enjoyed yourself. To reiterate what Stew said, any day on the trails is a good day. Count your blessings that you can run. Good luck at Superior! ;-)

SteveQ said...

Even I could do 11:20 - for the first half. I know you're just saving up for the Superior 50K ;)

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