Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Place

I am spending the long weekend up here on the Northshore. Hard not to be happy! Managed to get a cabin in Tettagouche SP - would have camped but then saw that a cabin was available and decided to put an unexpected bonus to good use (got a few $$ for some extra project work recently). I had originally planned to volunteer with the SHTA on Sunday as a group of high school kids had build a wooden bridge to replace one near Cramer Rd and were putting it in Fri-Sun. Then I got an email during the week to say the project would likely be done by Saturday so that was no problem - I would help out Saturday and do a long run Sunday instead. Then when I got to Duluth earlier today I got a call to say the project was completed... nice work kids! So now I get to run Saturday and Sunday and Monday. And a short trot later this evening. Happy indeed.

I did decide to go ahead with the surgery. Thanks for all the feedback. I appreciate people giving their perspective. I am really happy with my doctor and sought other opinions too. June 21 is the day. The soonest I could have done it was June 8 which meant I'd still be in the walking boot for the Bighorn trip so I figured that would really be no fun at all! And while I would have survived not running the race this wasn't a trip I had any intention of cancelling as Kami and I planned it ages ago. So Bighorn 50M and then I shall recover from that and the surgery for a few weeks and see how it goes. No Afton or Voyageur which is disappointing of course but there is always next year, and the next year... and I know how much fun it is to volunteer at races where I know a lot of the runners so I am looking forward to that. The cyst is bothering me too much to put it off and given the size of it - and the amount of running I like to do - there is the risk that I'll damage the tendon if I try to ignore it. It won't be easy maintaining fitness while off my feet but now that I've been going to the gym a bit it won't be such a shock to focus on strength training for a while. I'll likely be able bike more than run during July which is fine as I've been wanting to do more of that. Hopefully I will be in decent shape by Where's Waldo.

Meanwhile, I got some running to do on my favourite trail...


Anonymous said...

Glad you were able to decide what to do. Sounds like your pretty mentally set for it. Get it done and move on to the next goal.
Karen S

sea legs girl said...

Sorry I'm a little late in giving feedback. But happily you made the decision I would recommend. It sounds like the symptoms are getting worse and that if it hasn't already, it will soon negatively affect your training. And you will need to get it done at some point, so why not now before it gets worse? And I imagine it is a very non-invasive procedure. At least the recovery time you mentioned sounds pretty short. And I agree with Olga about making Where's Waldo your goal race. Just because I want to have a shot at winning Voyageur, of course (well, honestly, that is not true. I would much rather see you there, so hopefully you'll decide to run Voyageur and kick my booté like last year). Hope it was a great weekend on the North Shore... sounds oh so perfect.

Yoga Teacher Training said...

That was quite a sizable cyst. It's a good thing the surgery went well and it didn't keep you off your feet for a very long time.

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