Monday, April 19, 2010

In brief...

- Chippewa race report will be late, very late

- The chapter for SLG's book will also take a little longer than planned

- After more than 30 trips through Amsterdam airport I actually stepped outside the door last Thursday to breathe Dutch air for the first time

- That was followed by my first visit to Belgium and the north east corner of France

- I know the Eurostar schedule by heart

- But that's useless information if it's fully booked

- The Eurotunnel car-train takes exactly 35 minutes; which, you have to think is quicker than swimming across

- Countless hotels and other travel related businesses are making a mint on the back of a volcano

- Despite this, the kindness of strangers is what I'll remember most from my travels at the end of last week

- That, and the fact that "daily disposable" contact lenses still work perfectly well after 5 days

- And having no luggage is not the end of the world

- At least not when you are lucky enough to get the loan of a lovely dress for a very important occasion at very short notice

- After 40 hours without sleep, you will sleep anywhere

- 40 hours is still waay shorter than most people take to do Arrowhead...

- I have undertaken zero physical exercise since last Wednesday

- And I now have a bad headcold so I don't plan on doing any in the next few days either

- Miwok in less than 2 weeks? I am not so sure that's a good idea

- Though I suppose I should first think about actually getting back to the US

- But before that, sleep...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Helen...for making my "bad" day at work seem so much nicer. :)
Hope you get home safely and soon.

Karen S

Matthew Patten said...

Just get to the next aid station. You can figure things out there.

Londell said...

I said I needed an epiphany and I think I just found it... This makes me look like i am on top of the world.

Chris Swenke said...

Let's hope you look back on this as just another adventure and smile. Best of luck in your hopefully soon travels.

sea legs girl said...

Okay, Helen, you get a SLIGHT extension with that book chapter. But only slight. Um, I'm just kidding of course. I really hope you made it home. I love the line about the kindness of strangers. I have trouble thinking those thoughts when I'm exercise deprived.

Marie-Aline said...

"zero physical exercise since last Wednesday"? Well, maybe you should have swam across the Channel in the end...

Beth said...

Hope you make it home safely soon. Blasted volcano!

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