Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year, new baby!

No, not me. Though with the extra lbs one would be perfectly within their rights to wonder...

I have a new nephew! A year ago I had 2 nieces and now I also have 2 nephews - a busy time for the Lavin clan!! Baby Patrick Brian was born to Sandi & Patrick (my little brother, well - I guess he's not so little anymore...) - in Perth, Western Australia, yesterday January 2, 2010. Welcome Patrick Jnr!! I just got to see him 'live' on Skype. A very healthy pair of lungs he has. I guess he was just excited to hear his favourite Auntie's voice.

P.S. Written in the US date format that DOB is 0102 2010 - I'm sure that is auspicious in some way...

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