Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Life in 2010 has been pretty busy which is the main reason for lack of posts recently. But I am also having weird blog issues whereby I cannot sign into my own blog directly - I have to comment on someone elses and then "I'm in" and can go to my own - but still have to open everything in a new window vs being able to just click on "new post" at the top on my page. Odd...

I have thrown together (aka spent way too much time planning) my list of 2010 races on the sidebar but am doing a little refining so will come back to that soon and add some more detail. Running is going well - I think the Christmas break did me good. I am not feeling terribly fit and all of my running clothes are tighter than I would like. But 3 longs runs in a row over the long weekend reassured me that I have not lost much endurance/fitness so that made me very happy. The additional inches will take care of themselves over the coming months (assuming I can stay away from the candy jar at work and the coffee shop muffins/scones... ahh sugar is evil!).

Finally ran at Lebanon Hills last weekend - what an awesome park! And only 30 mins from my house. Thanks for the tour Zach. I will be back again soon. The Friday morning run has moved to T Wirth so I'm discovering a few new trails there also. Well, I mostly haven't a clue where I am at so that just means I need to keep up with the guys. And if that doesn't get me fit, nothing will!

Looking forward to the first trail race of the year in a few weeks time in KC - I expect it'll be a snow/ice turn into mud-fest by the last of the 3 loops - fun, right?

My new nephew in Perth is doing well. Skype is the business! The little guy is unbelieveably strong for a new baby - he was looking around non stop and thrashing his skinny little arms about like crazy. I can't wait to see them in April (the whole family will be in Ireland for the first time in a few years). Meanwhile, I'll be over there for work at the end of next month. I think it'll be a busy year for work travel given the projects I have going on. I like travel, love airports, but will be trying to keep it to a minimum during the summer so I can be here as much as possible.

Planning to do the frozen half in St. Paul Saturday. I have run it every year since 2005 except for last year - which wasn't a bad one to miss seeing as it was cut short. It's a nice low key race and we usually fit it into a longer run by running for an hour beforehand.

Doing tons of hot yoga - loving it - and think it will remain part of the plan through the year. Lots of running, lots of yoga, spin classes at least through the winter. That is the grand training plan!


Helen's comments:

So now I can sign in to my account by just opening "sign in" in a new window - but I cannot comment on my own posts!

And I just have to let Matt know that hot yoga is a 90 minute sweat fest that include many precarious positions, little periods of rest in between, following the instructor, and feeling completely wiped out at the end. So yes, it's exactly what you think it is...

Olga - it's funny, as much as I enjoyed my one 100 miler when I started to plan the year I found there were so many 50M (& 100K) races that I really want to do... but a 100 is still in the back of my mind! Grindstone would be the most likely choice if I do decide to go for it.

Steve - yes, I am still going to beat you at Superior.

Chris - I loved your treehouse pic - what a treat that would be for a vacation!


SteveQ said...

Given that my blog's forever being hacked from China, it might be a good time for both of us to clean up our computers!

Wish I could've run with you guys at Lebanon. Wish I were running rather than spectating this weekend. Wish you luck, if you still think you can beat me at Superior!

BTW, you were right about my fashion post.

Chris said...

Best of luck this weekend. I love running in the ran and am looking forward to it.

olga said...

No 100's on the schedule yet?

Matthew Patten said...

Can't believe there is not a race we are in together. Guess I will be spared the agony.

And on another note.... I see you do "Hot Yoga"

Is that what I think it is?

Thomas said...

What, no races in Ireland? I thought this year I might actually bump into you in person (not that I want to give the impression of a stalker).

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