Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Weekend

Lots happening this weekend among my running & triathlon buddies - I'm up here in Two Harbors for the Superior Trail Races - crewing for Eric S tomorrow in his first 100 mile race. It'll be a blast!! PT again this morning - shin doing pretty well I think. Will be testing it at some point tomorrow night...

Eric D is also running his first 100 and many others making their first attempt at the distance tomorrow. Larry is probably correct that the 38hr cut-off makes it a good choice for many first timers and the fact that one knows not to expect altitude. However, for anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to train on the SHT it offers some surprising - and rather dismaying - challenges (especially navigating those lovely tree roots past Sonju in the wee hours of the morning)! I think what I find the hardest is that even the downhills are not runnable... But it is a beautiful course and it looks like the weather will be perfect, if a little warmer than usual.

Elsewhere, Kami, Igor & gang are running in the Colorado Relay, also starting tomorrow morning. This 170+ plus race covers some beautiful and challenging terrain on both roads and trails. Their 5-person ultra team will cover approx 35 miles each over several legs.

Closer to home IM Madison kicks off at 7AM Sunday. I am hoping to be there in person (yeah, the current plan is to drive halfway from Lutsen Saturday evening and the rest early Sunday... we shall see!) - but if not, will be following online throughout the day. The 'athlete tracking' for the IM events usually works really well with swim times and several bike/run splits being posted almost 'real time'. Pam, Susan, Tanya and so many others I know are heading out there today/tomorrow. Susan is claiming this as her retirement gig, Tanya reckons she'll be 40 before she does another one... and Pam... well, it's Pam's 2nd IM and after her awesome performance at Arizona last fall as well as several more fast finishes this season we are all very confident that her next one will be IM Hawaii in 13 months time!! I am sure one needs crew for that IM, right??

GOOD LUCK to one and all!