Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Thanks for all the good wishes folks - be it the prayers or crossed fingers - something is working! Had a good visit with the PT today - I especially liked the part where he said "... and we don't just want you being able to run 10 miles without pain, we need to get you to 20, 30 etc..." - yeah, this is my kind of PT - I've had enough of the "100 miles? Like, all in one go?"

As expected, it's a case of tendinitis of the tendon connecting to the tibialis anterior muscle on the outside of shin bone that dorsiflexes the foot. I was just so surprised by the really intense pain on Sunday - but in retrospect it is probably a good thing as it made me take notice straight away rather than last year when it started slowly and took me forever to accept that I just needed to r-e-s-t it. The pain was much less intense yesterday and quite okay to walk on today. But sore when I flex it too much. Some icing and stretching and no problem to do yoga/pool run (the definition of boredom)/swim so that'll keep me going... and another PT visit on Thursday morning.

So, the plan is no running until the weekend - I will be crewing for Eric and ready to run anytime after Finland. And if it starts to hurt I shall stop. And maybe some kind soul will transport me back to the car so I can continue to crew!

Looking forward to seeing the race from a different perspective. There will be some interesting battles in the marathon and 50 miler... I had expected to see Matt Howard's name on the 50M list but he's signed up for the marathon... will we see Andy's record broken? Then perhaps a good race to be had between Duke and the KS guy in the 50 miler - not forgetting last year's winner Brian P who's had a great season so far with strong finishes at Chippewa and Voyageur. I have no clue about the women's races as I only recognize a few of the names - but I'm sticking with Valeria for the repeat win in the 50!