Monday, August 31, 2009

Angeles National Forest - On Fire

Photo by AP

  • 10PM - after 3 hours of research between races sites and I think I have to accept NO 100 mile race for Helen this year. There are really only a few that I would consider - the top 2 being Bear and Grindstone - both are still open but pretty much impossible due to work/travel schedule.

    Ah well... maybe it's just confirmation that 50 milers are my thing :) And looking on the bright side - it means I don't have to taper!

    So... North Face Endurance Challenge WI here I come. Wow - 2 months between races... will I survive? Nic - I fully expect (dare I say 'challenge') you to upgrade to the 50M event!

    Matt - I hope your fire-fighter friend in LA stays safe.

    Chris - thanks for the comment (and thanks for being a fire-fighter) - I'll take my moment of fame in SD - that made my evening :)

  • 7PM - its official - AC-100 has been cancelled. Disappointed but small beans in light of what's happening out there.

  • 10AM - When I first heard about the fire my immediate (selfish) thought was the race in 3 weeks time - but pretty soon I got an idea of how quickly it's spreading and the danger thousands of people are facing. And then yesterday 2 firefighters lost their lives when the incredibly thick smoke obscured their view and they drove off the side of a road on Mount Gleason. Certainly puts things in perspective. It is hard to believe the immensity of forest fires in this country - this fire had burned 134 square miles of brush and trees by early today and was just 5 percent contained. At least 6,600 homes are under mandatory evacuation orders and more than 2,500 firefighters are battling the flames.

    Please God no one else loses their life as these firefighters continue to do their difficult job.