Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lean Horse prep and other Random Stuff

I guess I haven't had much to say lately. Well, more like no time to say it... can you believe it is the end of August next weekend?? August in MN - where it's meant to be 90F at least every other day, right? Except for this summer... when we have to go to Hot Springs, SD, to experience it - in the middle of an ultra no less!

Preparation for Lean Horse has involved a few solid weeks of training since Voyaguer followed by this week of taper - multiple yoga sessions and a few swims. I think I have decided on which shoes to wear (road? trail? road? trail?) but that might change again by Saturday... I got my gaiters but think I ordered them too big - but I can pin them. I am packing about 6 different running tops as I just cannot decide - I guess the lightest and brightest considering the conditions... I am even going to wear a cap which I hate to do but that sun just looks horrific... and I am wearing my iPod again! Or at least I will if I can improve my running playlist between now and Saturday :)

And now for the random stuff -
  • I feel like the hot yoga - 2/3 classed a week for the past 8 weeks or so - has helped with heat conditioning. But we shall see...
  • I have a goal of sub-8hrs for Lean Horse. There, I said it! Before the race! I plan to go out in 4:00 and back in 3:59.9. Again, we shall see...
  • I feel like I am running stronger than I ever have - I am not sure that I am faster at every distance than I was last year but I have been thrilled by my recovery this summer. I don't seem to have any problem running the day after a race or a long hard run. And I've thrown in some twice-a-day-runs which seems to work well for me.
  • My quads have given up complaining. I expect they will start again by mile 80 of AC-100 coming down Mt. Wilson, if not before.
  • Hill repeats suck. And I'm talking Helen-style hill repeats not Julie Berg-style hill repeats. I really don't know how she does it!
  • I love love love the Vibram five fingers. I ran a 5K trail race (The White Tail Ridge Trail Run) in River Falls last Sunday in them. It was a blast - super muddy but they held up great - no less grip than regular shoes. Though I did have about twice as much mud as everyone else - but I wasn't holding back so the spills were many... The race was well worth the drive over - a fun group of people put the race on and then the trails are given over to the bikers for a full day of MTB racing. I watched a few of the early ones take off and then headed over to Maiden Rock for some hill repeats along Lake Pepin in the midday sun. Fun. Not.
  • I've really been enjoying watching the athletics from Berlin this week - Usain Bolt is truly phenomenal to watch. And so many other great stars. The coverage at is awesome.

I can't wait to see how everyone does at Leadville. Joe Z, Tony K and several others I know are out there for it. I thought there was online race coverage last year but couldn't see anything on the website (not an easy site to navigate with all the various events!).