Thursday, August 6, 2009

Training, Training, TDraining...

Last week I felt incredible. I couldn't believe how much energy I had coming off Voyageur. No doubt the mental boost of a good race played a large part but my body seemed to rebound instantly. After a double-dose of ice-baths I ran a few miles the following evening and then kicked off my highest mileage training week on Monday... ending with a 42 mile run on the Luce Line last Saturday and a few hours at Afton Sunday morning. Throw in my weekly 'training race' keeping up with the boys at Hyland and a initial foray into barefoot running... fun times!

But this week... am I even alive? Zero energy. Yoga feels great but running is a slow-motion activity these days. Granted my original plan was to back off this week but after last week felt so good I figured oh yeah I could do another 90 mile week... maybe I should quit while I'm ahead eh?!

Heading up north for the weekend with Eric and Guy for a long run Saturday... the guys are training for Superior 100 and 50 respectively so we're going to do the middle part of the course on Saturday starting at Tettagouche and probably finishing at Cramer Rd. Hopefully the weather cooperates. If we're feeling up to it Sunday I'd like to run the Bean & Bear Lake section - too beautiful to miss!

Ordered a pair of Vibram KSOs the other day so I'm looking forward to trying them out. My first few runs were on the treadmill - wearing socks as my belt is a little rough - and then a mile or so on the grass Monday night which felt great. Still, I cannot comprehend attempting this!