Friday, July 24, 2009

Voyageur in the Rain?

Looks like there's a good chance of a wet day tomorrow. Will it slow things down? Maybe on the grassy sections but personally I always feel like I am running slow along here... give me rocks and roots anyday! Though rocks and roots in the rain can be more treacherous... not to mention muddy Power Lines. Yikes - that could be fun.

Regardless, I am looking forward to this race. Last year was a great one all around for me - a few wins here and there but mostly just a lot of fun getting out there experiencing new trails, new races and getting to know so many people. Still, the good races always become favourites for me and I would say that Voyageur topped that list last year. Partly as it was my first time ever running on this trail and also since I enjoy out-and-back courses. And having friends in town from Ireland made it special - it was fun hanging out with them and introducing them to this craziness that has become the norm for me since moving here.

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow - and to those folks heading further north for the Grand Island Marathon.