Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pentathlon Sunday

After making a firm decision last night to not do ANY work today (both work work and mowing the lawn kind of work), I managed to enjoy a taste of all of my five (current) sports. Nothing like making the most of the fabulous weather. Especially since days like today don't seem to be making an appearance in the midwest too often this 'summer'. There is something terribly wrong when it's as warm in Ireland in July as it is here...

I think the only similarity between the Olympic event and my Sunday is the running portion (8M of FUN at Afton - snowshoe loop followed by the MTB trails). I am pretty sure there's no climbing involved in Pentathlon (it was on the way home from Afton so I had to stop by). Definitely no swimming (didn't get to the pool all week and my arms could tell). Though I think there is something to do with water? No. Maybe not. Biking? (a nice easy ride with Tanya, Susan & Patty - who both did Heart of the Lakes tri this morning, followed by a short run) No, I don't think so. Or do they ride horses? No, but I am pretty sure they do archery. Which always makes me think of Robin Hood. Which makes me think of horses. You see the logic. And definitely no yoga anywhere in the Olympics. Though it's only a matter of time before the IOC sees the light. Finishing off the day and indeed the weekend with a relaxing hour of vinyasa by candlelight is just perfect.

All in all, a fun day. And I am now officially ready to TAPER. I can do it. I know I can.