Friday, June 5, 2009


Nooooo I have not decided to sign up at the last minute. I do some crazy things but not this one :)

But I will be down there bright and early for the 5:30-8:00am shift and again tomorrow night for the long haul. Though nothing compared to the runners... especially with the weather forecast. I know that it can be very hot some years but I'm not sure that high 40's and rain - possibly up to 1 inch tomorrow - can be that much better. Hopefully it doesn't come down quite as heavy as that.

Planning a 10-12M tempo run after I get finished up in the morning. Aiming for sub-7:30 pace though I haven't run 3 days in a row for a while so perhaps I'm being a bit optimistic. Will run from Nokomis up the parkway to Harriet and back - or something like that - and see how the runners are doing. Myself and Val had a blast at Afton this afternoon. Work has been mental all week, including a trip to DC with a flight that took 5.5hrs instead of 2.5... via Pittsburgh to refuel... what fun. So I badly needed to get out early today. We met up with Pam who'd biked with Colin from the park up to Stillwater and back and some more... 2hrs at a good clip and that after a tough swim workout this morning (and our track session last night!). Needless to say she was a bit tired so we did the Snowshoe loop and then Pam headed home while myself and Val went back out and over to the bike singletrack. Love it! I haven't been over there since last fall. I need to do it more often... there is something about singletrack that just makes you want to go FAST. Not that we were really going that fast but it felt like it. Legs felt great. Though my right knee was a bit sore by the end. We finished up with a run up the first hill on the race course and then soaked in the river for a few minutes before heading back to the car.

Got stuck into some gardening this evening. I am the least green-fingered person in the 'hood but I'm hoping the lawn fertilizer and a few flower pots will do the trick. Of course if it rains an inch tomorrow the fertilizer will end up in the drain. Though some moisture should help the little tree I planted. It'll need help seeing as I planted it about a foot shallower than instructed and used potting mix instead of tree stuff... can't be that different right? Not for the first time I imagined my neighbours looking out their window at me shaking their heads in dismay. Pam had given me a load of Iris' from her Mum's garden last night so I put them down also. Ha, 'put them down' - most likely.

Better think about bed soon I s'pose. 4:30AM won't be long coming around.

Hopefully all the FANS and Kettle Moraine runners are sleeping soundly. Good Luck to all!!