Monday, April 20, 2009

Boston Marathon 2009

I caught the last half hour of the marathon online today. Even though it seemed inevitable for the last several miles of the race it was still heartbreaking to watch Kara Goucher being passed in the final stretch. I think she got it wrong tactically, pulling the lead pack for many miles taking the head-wind while they tucked in behind her. Despite her 10,000m speed she didn't have the kick in the end. But it was only her second marathon so I've no doubt her best races are yet to come. In her own words:

“I felt great, I knew I was going to finish strongly. The pain did not set in until I finished and my heart was totally broken. I just didn’t have it at the end.”

The men's finish was less dramatic but Ryan Hall deserves great credit for the way he refused to give up and fought his way to the 3rd place spot.

I was equally impressed by Colleen S. De Reuck - a 45yr old with a 21mth old daugher - she proved her mettle once again to finish in 8th place.