Sunday, April 19, 2009

Joe Plant Memorial 5K

This morning Pam and I ran the 2nd Annual Joe Plant Memorial 5K. Joe was a regular runner at Lake Phalen who died suddenly shortly after achieving his dream of becoming a St. Paul police officer.

Last year the run was held in March so it was a little warmer this morning but unfortunately not quite the ideal running conditions of recent days. We decided to get there a little early to do a warm-up lap. I'm not sure it helped much but at least it was good to know that it got warmer on the far side of the lake and that we had to deal with a head-wind for the last mile. Not to mention a few speed bumps along the way.

We met up with Karen and Tanya just before we took off. They'd considered the 1M walk but opted for the spectator spot instead! It was a pretty small crowd and since the starter asked anyone hoping to run sub-20 to come to the front... there we were toes to the line and ready for off. Joe's friend and running partner Joel had said a few words about Joe earlier, introducing us to his family and to a kid who's benefiting from the Charities Challenge fund. And at 9am he sent us on our way.

I started out way fast and within about 300 yards felt a rush through every vein of my body quite unlike anything I've ever felt before! OK. Either I'm going to crash and burn or just push through this. Pam sped on ahead of me - I knew I wouldn't be able stay with her but would try to keep her in my sights. Two guys were up in front and another two between us. And things stayed this way to the finish. Mile 1 in 6:16, mile 2 in 6:37 and the rest in 6:14 - which makes me pretty sure the course was short but it was the same as last year so to finish in 19:07 versus 20:12 makes me pretty happy. Pam smoked it in 18:22. She'll be in great shape for her duathlon in a month's time.

After the race we feasted at my fav breakfast spot - the Egg & I - there is no pancake as good as their Kamikaze!! Shared one with Pam so I could legitimately enjoy the veggie omelet...

Good times.