Friday, April 10, 2009


Heading off shortly to Zumbro with Val. She is running the 100K tonight and I will run some with her tomorrow - one loop for sure and maybe 2 - depending how she is doing. Or maybe depending how I am doing - as I sit here icing my knee! Ran a little too fast this morning... Pam came over at 6am and we set off for Nokomis - 2m easy, 2m fast - repeat - 4m easy, for a total of 12m. We averaged 7:38's so the easy miles were really not that easy. But the fast ones were fast (for us) - just above and just under 7:00. My knee bothered me a bit after running at Afton last Sunday - after the race on Saturday - but after icing and some massage work with the PT on Tuesday it felt fine. Ran Tuesday night - not far but some short pick-ups - and it was good. But I should have been icing it all week as a preventative measure and of course I did not...

Anyway, it should be a really fun weekend, especially with the glorious weather. And the full moon tonight. Looking forward to seeing the usual suspects down there. Hope the 100 milers are getting on well thoughtout today.