Monday, March 16, 2009

Irish dirt. And other stuff.

Given the week that's in it I thought I'd scout around the net for some interesting Irish websites. But I spent so long marveling at the audacity of this one that I didn't get to any others.

I've had lots of people ask how we celebrate the day in Ireland. I think my response was a little disappointing: as a kid - not much (I think I went to a parade once in my life - no lack of patriotism, my family just weren't all that into traditional music/dance etc); as a college student - it was a good excuse for an all day session.

These days I don't think I could handle doing anything all day except for running. So I'll celebrate tomorrow with a run around the lakes in the morning and a bike tomorrow evening (maybe afternoon - surely I deserve to finish a few hours early on my National Holiday??). Last I heard it's forecast to rain a little in the evening, so I'll feel right at home. Fifties and damp - genuine St. Patrick's Day weather.

In other, non-green news...

The running is going pretty well. I intended having a lower mileage week but after 18 on Saturday with Val (catching the last of the 100% Irish after an out and back to Nokomis), I went out with Pam Sunday morning for 15, and couldn't help but enjoy yesterday evening's sunshine with another 8. Ah yes, nothing like reducing the mileage by finishing with a 40+ mile weekend.

Feeling good though, no left knee pain at all over the weekend. My right one was bothering me a bit. I've also been noticing that when I step forward in yoga my right foot turns out slightly. So anyway I got it checked out at PT today. Patellar tendonitis is the early diagnosis. Nothing too serious but the PT (new PT) thought it was interesting that while I also walk with a slight turn in my right foot it doesn't happen when I run. So I guess I'll just have to give up the walking.

Really looking forward to the trip to Virgina weekend after next. I just love running down there in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Absolutely beautiful and a great local trail running scene. Nic - not that it will make a difference to your being well ahead of me but I am planning - or at least hoping - to race Chippewa. Terrapin Mtn (VA race) is the training run :)

As well as the running, the cross-training is coming together a little better. For some reason I seem to still be making it to the pool. Hoping that sudden breakthrough in form will just happen I guess. Spin this morning was a little brutal after all the miles yesterday but the instructor Debbie is a good Monday morning energy boost - not OTT but just enough to make it fun. And then the really fun stuff... indoor rock climbing... yes, it rocks! Did a safety course on Saturday and passed the belay test this evening so at least Val and I can take turns now. Though there are quite a few auto-belay routes also. In any case, we've been spending most of our time upstairs in the bouldering area. It's brilliant. A little head wrecking but in a good way. There is a route we've tried each time for the past 3 visits - getting ONE step further each time! We've asked them not to change the route until we crack it :)

Registration for Afton is open. My semi-frozen swim in the St. Croix last Nov got me straight on the list! A good idea in hindsight? Perhaps. But I think I'll stick to the pool until at least May...

Now, it's officially St. Patrick's Day so I'll eat some shamrock and go to bed.