Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beyond The Epic Run

"The world is so big when you choose to journey it by running; and so small when you choose to stay at home." - Nicole Roetheli

Went to the screening of this movie at the U this evening with a few of the girls. It was interesting - not quite what I was expecting but definitely worth seeing. Five years on the road - and dirt trails, and sand... a pretty awesome adventure to contemplate. I particularly enjoyed Nicole's honest commentary. As a runner I would have liked more insight into how Serge felt physically and mentally.

The movie will be released in May. More info here.

In other news - how about the finale of Jon Stewart vs Jim Cramer tonight? Reality TV at its best. Though I am kind of ready for the Daily Show to move on. This story has run it's course in this context, we'll get enough of it in the real world...

It was a bit chilly out there this evening but I enjoyed a nice run around Rice Lake before heading downtown. It's right outside the door from work but I haven't run that loop in months. Zero knee pain so I was very happy with that. I guess running multiple days in a row just doesn't suit me! I'll probably shoot for a long one Saturday but it'll still be a lower mileage week which is cool. I'll maybe do a bit more next week and then it's just a week until the 50K in Virginia. No real taper as I'm using it as a training run for Chippewa. At least that's the plan...