Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Stuff

- Daylight savings time (or the opposite, I am never sure): Love it!

- Outer knee pain: Hate it. Due to increasing the mileage waay too quick no doubt (6, 0, 22, 59, 47... hmmm). And a tight IT band. So it's off to the PT this week.

- Indoor Climbing: LOVE it... finally this week I made it over to Vertical Endeavors in St. Paul - awesome spot! Val used to go there a ton but hadn't been in a while (not that you would know, she is like a monkey zipping up the wall!) so we went for a few hours Wednesday night and again today. I am totally challenged by it which is exactly what I was looking for. There are plans in the works for a gym in Edina to open this summer. Very cool.

- Busy work schedule: Obviously a good thing these days and mostly interesting stuff but it's going to be a bit hectic for the next few months trying to fit in a solid training plan around work.

- A clean car: Great while it lasts... approximately once a year I get my car cleaned inside and out. Yesterday was the day. I am guessing it will look nice and shiny for about 2 days.

- Babies: A wonderful thing! (Except when 8 come together... but don't get me started on that one.) Welcome to Siofra Barry (congrats Noeleen & Paddy)!! And I'll have a new niece or nephew this summer, and Karen & Tim just found out their baby, also due this summer, is a girl.

- Race results: Huge congrats to Tanya, Casey & Anthony on their IM New Zealand triumphs this weekend! The photos looked amazing.