Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring before the Snow

In advance of the predicted snowfall tomorrow myself and a few of the girls got out for a lovely run this evening. I know it is far from springtime (though I keep hoping) but it was so lovely to run with 1 layer of pants and no hat/gloves!

Had to leave work early to deal with yet more layers of bureaucracy in my efforts to become a US resident (don't ask) so when I got done I met Shelley downtown and then we met Tanya and Val at my place. Ran to Harriet, Calhoun, and Harriet again, and home for around 11 miles. Apart from a few large puddles of melted snow here and there it was beautiful out and so nice to run in daylight for the most part. A lot of people out as you can imagine with the weather - even a guy in shorts!

Running has been going well since getting back from vacation. 4 months until Grandma's so I am trying to get into a proper routine. Had hoped to get that post-altitude running high but I have a cold since the day I got back so that's taken care of that! Nevertheless we ran a decent pace tonight and it felt pretty good. Outside of my left knee hurt a little - I think it's a residual issue from running at Afton Saturday - it was really difficult to keep good form on the semi-packed snow and I was pretty sore that evening and Sunday morning when we ran I got this pain after a few miles. Didn't start to bother me until about mile 9 this evening so will just have to keep an eye on it. Of course all good intentions to stretch went out the window as soon as we got done...

Lent started today. So I had cake for lunch and M&Ms for desert. Not only am I a bad Catholic having abandoned any attempts to get to Church but I am also a complete disaster at sticking to good eating habits. I'm good until around 11am and then it all goes out the window. If anyone has a cure for sugar addiction I'll gladly listen.

Anyways, it's nice to be back and settled into what is hopefully the end of Winter... at least the days are getting longer even if today is just a false hope of Spring. I will get around to a full report on my trip one of these days but am not motivated to transcribe pages of journal scribblings just yet. It was a great adventure but needless to say not making it to the summit doesn't sit well with me. I was okay about it at the time but thinking over it so much makes me question if I couldn't have just tried a bit harder. A classic case of when you're sick you think you'll never feel better and once you're better you think oh I wasn't that bad...