Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Need more sleep?

I had a wonderful unplanned sleep-in this morning (guess I forgot to set the alarm) - resulting in about 3hrs more sleep than usual. So I missed my run (not to mention a meeting or two...) and decided to hit the gym after work instead. And had a wonderful 7 mile run (in the sense that running my first sub-8's since Nov felt smooth). And then a solid 2000 yard swim. Felt totally energized. Which got me thinking that maybe I would benefit from more sleep than I am used to (~6hrs). Which means I should be in bed already for a 5am start... but that would mean missing the Daily Show. Not sure I'd be able sleep!

Check out the 2008 Ultra Runners of the Year:


Congrats to Joe Z getting his name in there!

For me, 2008 will be remembered for Kyle Skaggs performance at Hardrock. I think we all look forward to see what he is capable of in the years to come. Considering both #1 slots went to 41 year-old runners (Jorge Pacheco & Kami Semick) I suspect the 23 year-old's best years are yet to come.