Sunday, January 11, 2009


I am officially knackered. What a weekend. Got outside quite a bit ahead of the week to come. -2 for a high? I guess on the bright side anything will feel like Spring after that...

Some more snowshoeing fun - Saturday at Afton and today at Hyland. I carried my pack for Argentina both days (though it's only about half as heavy as it will be for the trek) and wore my new hiking boots. Good thing I have a few weeks to break them in... they are a good fit and I am sure they'll work out great but I ended up with 2 huge heel blisters after yesterday and despite being well bandaged today the skin came completely off! Lovely.

It's been a while since my heels looked this bad - probably last summer playing soccer back in Ireland with my sister's team in boots 2 sizes too small. But I'll bandage them up and just try to wear the boots a lot the next few weeks. Toughen 'em up...

Between the snowshowing, another decent run this morning, a 3hr spin yesterday morning, and a threshold (for me at least) swim this evening the legs are well and truly fatigued. No, I haven't suddenly started to enjoy biking to go along with the swimming (no more IMs for me, really...) but Tanya is off to New Zealand in early March to do the Ironman there so I said I would keep her company for some of the long indoor rides. Though I think my limit will be 4hrs! Casey & Anthony (fellow IM AZ folks) are spending the next 3 months touring NZ and are also doing the IM so Tanya is taking a trip out there for the race and a vacation. Sweet!! I had the chance to visit Taupo, where the race is held, last year while I was on hols in NZ - fab, fab location for a race.

I was pleasantly surprised by the temperature when I popped my head outside this morning before heading off to meet Bronywn and the girls for a run around the Lakes. I think we got in around 9 miles - felt pretty good though I am having a bit of pain along the outside of my left heel just under the ankle bone. I think it started yesterday at spin or maybe it was running on Friday. Both inner and outer sides are a little tender on both feet so I'll just have to take care of that. I am blaming everything on tight calves these days and it seems plausible here also... more stretching and strengthening should help.

You learn something new everyday... I am a terrible speller so if I'm writing a word I don't use too often I'll check it on - never really thought about the origin of the word 'plausible' - though I guess it seems kinda obvious now...

Origin: 1535–45
plausibilis deserving applause, equiv. to plaus(us) (ptp. of plaudere to applaud ) + -ibilis -ible

In other news I managed to continue to spend an inordinate amount of money on gear for my trip. I had better climb a mountain every year for many years to come in order to get my money's worth! At least it's a good time to be buying gear with all the sales. And if I have to be giving money away it may as well be to two great stores... Midwest Mountaineering and REI.