Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"The Returnee"

As I was logging on to the Hennepin Co. fine payment system earlier today I thought it was quite clever, though not very amusing, that the word verification read "the returnee".

It made me wonder if this was a customized program. Maybe there are other word verifications like "gotcha!" and "ha, now, you're sorry..."

In any case, upon seeing the $1.50 "convenience charge" that was to be added to the online payment I went with the less green option of mailing in a check. Just like the last time.


Helen said...

P.S. "No right turn on red" is a silly rule.

Londell said...

I was sure it was speeding as you are the fastest person I know. But that was a funny time for that word to come up.

SteveQ said...

There's a plan to use the captcha word verification system to assist in uploading old newspapers; whatever the computer can't decipher gets sent to people as a word verification - if two people agree, then the system accepts it as correct. You might be helping!

Beth said...

Bummer! That would be another good word to pop up. :)

Brad B. said...

I see your doing Hellgate. This will be my 5th time down there. I think you'll like it.
Let me know if you want any info on the course.

Brad B. (WI)

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