Tuesday, October 27, 2009


It's time I posted something but I have no time. Or more specifically work is gone a little crazy again and I am trying to get as much sleep as possible (to prove myself wrong that I do need more than 6hrs sleep - I am not sure about that one yet) so blog posting/reading time is limited. Definitely time I wrote up something about the Wild Duluth races as it was a fantastic weekend up there - and a great race to volunteer at. For the RD's perspective check out Andy's race report on the website.

Back running high-ish mileage and feeling good - I know that I should probably be getting more rest and recovery but while the weather is this good I am getting out as much as possible...

No more races until Hellgate (well, apart from the BSC 6K around Rice Lake - out the back door from work - on Nov 6th - where I need to defend my title!!). Lots of early morning runs in the dark to get used to night running and will have to throw in a midnight run at some point - the "Hell" in Hellgate partly refers to the midnight start... as well as the deep stream crossing a few miles in, the bitter cold wind (remember the frozen eye-ball reports from a few years back??), and the fun climbs... Am I looking forward to this race? You bet.

But first, volunteering at Surf the Murph - AS food requests by Thursday please!!


Kel said...

Great to hear that you are back to running without pain :)

My AS request: banana bread ;)

Thanks for volunteering!

Londell said...

Good to hear you are at least alive and busy... Will be volunteering as well. Should be a little cool (temp that is) but helping great friendss always warms the heart.

wildknits said...

Also glad to hear the running is going well!

Something warm could be nice - even if it is only warm water. found myself wishing for that at Wild Duluth.

I am all for nut-free foods (ie: no walnuts, almonds or peanuts - had a reminder this week to stay away from them again). Dried fruit, maybe hard candy or gummy bears... so hard to know as I sit here.

But in light of the cold forecast - warm liquid!

bryan said...

For the aid station, plain old coke and M&M's?

Although I've noticed all kinds of interesting, multi-colored mushrooms growing on the ground and the sides of trees on the course at Murph, so maybe harvesting those along the way will cut down on time lost in aid stations. What could go wrong?

Beth said...

Can't wait to hear about AS duty. I'm glad you are back to running and feeling good. This is a great time of year to be out there.

SteveQ said...

Sounds like your banana bread went over really well at the aid station!

nwgdc said...

So...I'm really leaning towards a trip to Psycho Wyco in February. That whole "Mud Stud" Challenge has me very interested.
Perhaps it'll be round 3, Helen vs Nic!

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