Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This morning I reached my goal weight of 140. I have been trying hard since Grandma's to drop a few lbs. So what do you think I ate today?

I was off-site from work for an all day meeting so I knew it would be bad. But jees I didn't think it'd be this bad...

- 4 mugs of coffee
- Bread Roll & Cream Cheese (full fat)
- Mini danish (I think I had 2 but I am not sure. Probably)
- A few slices of pineapple. Just to feel healthy.

- 2 mugs of coffee
- Jam filled doughnut. Yum Yum. 4 weeks without one.

- Potatoes, Veg, Beef w/mushrooms & gravy
- 2 Diet cokes
- Choc/Raspberry Cake
- Coffee

- 2 Diet cokes
- Loads of caramel popcorn
- An apple. Good? Dipped in toffee. Great!
- Two slices of fruit tart

I figure I can probably skip dinner.


Susan Hilal said...

You sure drink a lot, how many times did you pee today? :)

Food=Energy=Smile. Eat up!

SteveQ said...

You're just carbo-loading for Voyageur. I've got enough "in the tank" for about six years of races.

Beth said...

This is making me hungry! Nice job hitting your goal weight. :)

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