Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Weather

Keeps changing but I (really) like what it's telling me today (Thurs)...

Duluth, Saturday June 20, 2009

7 AM / 52F / 50% rain - 10 AM / 56F / 10% rain


Runnin-From-The-Law said...

I still see something different on at least 3 different weather sites! But, I agree, it's not looking as bad as it did earlier this week. Fingers crossed! Good luck on Saturday!

nwgdc said...

This one is going to hurt. A LOT"

I hope not!
I'm used to running for about 3 and a half hours at a time...and I'm hoping to only run 3 on Saturday, so I'll be saving myself 30 minutes of work. That's 30 minutes easier. Right?

And for you, Ms. 100 Miler/IronWoman...this is a midweek workout. 3 hours, 12 minutes? Might as well take a nap along the way.

johnmaas said...

The weather is going to be great!

Beth said...

That looks perfect to me! Good luck!!!

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