Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reality Bites

Well, that kinda sucked. It was hot and humid but I've ran well in those conditions before. I wasn't in shape for 3:12. I should have managed a PR but couldn't pull it together in the last few miles.

Finish time: 3:17:35

More to come later.

Congrats to all who raced today - especially John Maas who ran an awesome race to go sub-3:00 and PR by several minutes.


Londell said...

This was a hot day... 3:17 is impressive. Savior that success... I think it is outstanding!

Congrats again. You are amazing!

Julie B said...

Congratulations Helen. I think it is an outstanding time. I should have checked your blog earlier so I would have known to look for you. I had two clients running their first. The last few Grandmas I have run or have had clients running have been very warm. You were real close to your goal. So is Grandmas still the favorite? Looking forward to your full report.

Beth said...

You are truly amazing. 3:17 in any kind of weather is impressive, and on a hot day it is inspirational. I'm sorry that you are a little disappointed, but I hope after a little time passes you'll be really proud of yourself. I also want you to know how much I have appreciated your comments on my blog. They have really helped me hang in there with my training.

SteveQ said...

3:17 is better than you think right now; it'll grow on you. But... do I have to check Nic's blog to see how the rivalry turned out???

Erik said...

Nice work Helen. Good to catch up a bit this last weekend. Hope to see you at Hyland soon...

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