Saturday, May 30, 2009

Racing Goals

I am off to run the Burnsville Half Marathon. If you happen to be there keep your distance at the finish line. I have only one goal. To throw up at the end.

11AM Update

Well, I didn't quite achieve the puke goal but I did run a nice race to finish in 1:31:56. Thrilled with that! Ran most of it with a girl from Burnsville - it was nice to have company and she definitely kept me on good pace. Couldn't keep with her in the last 2 miles but was able to maintain sub-7:00's for the last 3 miles. Garmin read a bit longer to give me an avg pace of 6:57 but if the course is correct it was 7:01 pace. I'll take that! Great conditions - a little windy on the way out but we had that at our backs on the return. Almost completely flat course. I ran in my brand new extremely lightweight Saucony Fastwitch 3 (2009 lighter version of what I wore last weekend - which I'd also wore for Grandma's in 2007). Top of left foot is a little sore but nothing else. No problems with the knees. Not sure if I'll wear them for Grandma's.

Walked a mile or more at the finish and stretched a little though will do more later. First the ice bath... stopped on the way home for a 20lb bag of ice and then another stop for a large hot americano. Good combination.

8PM Update

I think my stomach is getting me back for even mentioning throwing up - instead of feeling queasy I am absolutely famished all day - a huge avocado/salad wrap for lunch, followed by chicken curry for late lunch, a week's worth of fruit servings throughout the day... and dinner is in the works now. And desert. Figure I deserve it today. Probably didn't yesterday. Or the day before. And a very large glass of wine. To make up for the traditional ice bath earlier Nic!

Swam this evening with Tanya - felt great. Had not been in the pool for a month but with company it went by quick. Heading to Afton in the morning for some easy trail running. Will probably be my last long run before Grandma's. Hopefully the weather stays good through the morning.


Mark H. said...

I really like your goal and hope to achieve that goal myself one day.

nwgdc said...

By "Ice Bath" do you mean sticking your hand into a cooler of beer, or that other ice bath.

Oh never that I think of it, I can't say I've ever seen you put your hand into a cooler of ice cold beer after a race (see Chippewa Race Report), so you must be talking about the full body kind.

SteveQ said...

The old rule of "double the half marathon time and add 10 minutes" says Grandma's in 3:14. I expect you'll be better than that, as the half's kinda short for you. And even Nic could run 3:14.

nwgdc said...

The world needs more cows? WHAT?!
Do you REALIZE the carbon footprint that COWS have on our environment? And you want MORE cows?!

Helen said...

Thanks Steve - I hope you are right! When I was training for me first marathon I was told of the double your half and add 20 mins rule. But that's just rubbish :)

Nic - I would actually be good with just pictures of cows. And cuddly toys etc. But if you know of a way to eliminate a few (or all of the world's) cats I'm all about that.

Beth said...

That is a great race goal. I'm glad, though, that you didn't throw up. Congrats on your great race! Sounds like you are in a great place for Grandma's. Thanks so much for the advice on my blog. As soon as I'm over this fever I'm going to get back on the bike. I think you are right that it will help me with the run in the end. Congratulations!

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