Thursday, April 2, 2009

Recovery and Race

I had to abandon my plans for no running this week when I saw how lovely it was outside this evening! Called Vale on my way from work and we met up for a nice 10 miler around the lakes. I can't say my legs felt full of energy but it was lovely to be out in the fresh air and sunshine. Got a little chilly by the end but spring feels oh so close... even the ducks were saying so.

Went a bit mad with yoga this week but think it helped flush out my legs. Also a massage Monday night was a good idea. I used to hold off on massage until at least 3-4 days post-race but last year started to get them the next day or 2 days later. Pretty painful for the first few minutes on any given area but I think it works well for me.

Looking forward to Ron Daws 25K on Saturday. It'll be my first time at this race. Not sure how I'll feel. I don't think my legs will be too fresh. But I'm going to try to go out at 7:30 pace and see how it goes...

Climbing last night started our pretty frustrating - 1. they changed the bouldering route we've been trying for weeks! and 2. I couldn't for the life of me get past the 2nd move on a route I got at first attempt last week! spent quite a while upstairs checking out the new routes. And then ended on a good note when we did a trad route downstairs and I made it a few moves higher than last week. It's a 5.8 so I'm sure it'll be a while until I get it. It's funny - I think I expend more energy between thinking about the route and hitting the wall when I don't get it vs actually climbing :) Hopefully will be able to keep it up twice a week. Though already it's getting hard to do everything on the plan... just not enough hours in the week. But it's impossible not to be out doing something when the weather is decent.


Mark H. said...

I decided this morning to not run the Ron Daws but I will see you there.

SteveQ said...

I sent in my money for Daws, so see you there! The course is largely road and wide gravel path with a few decent hills (but nothing like you're used to). I'm just going to cruise it, as I've got that pesky 100 next week.

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