Monday, March 16, 2009

Irish dirt. And other stuff.

Given the week that's in it I thought I'd scout around the net for some interesting Irish websites. But I spent so long marveling at the audacity of this one that I didn't get to any others.

I've had lots of people ask how we celebrate the day in Ireland. I think my response was a little disappointing: as a kid - not much (I think I went to a parade once in my life - no lack of patriotism, my family just weren't all that into traditional music/dance etc); as a college student - it was a good excuse for an all day session.

These days I don't think I could handle doing anything all day except for running. So I'll celebrate tomorrow with a run around the lakes in the morning and a bike tomorrow evening (maybe afternoon - surely I deserve to finish a few hours early on my National Holiday??). Last I heard it's forecast to rain a little in the evening, so I'll feel right at home. Fifties and damp - genuine St. Patrick's Day weather.

In other, non-green news...

The running is going pretty well. I intended having a lower mileage week but after 18 on Saturday with Val (catching the last of the 100% Irish after an out and back to Nokomis), I went out with Pam Sunday morning for 15, and couldn't help but enjoy yesterday evening's sunshine with another 8. Ah yes, nothing like reducing the mileage by finishing with a 40+ mile weekend.

Feeling good though, no left knee pain at all over the weekend. My right one was bothering me a bit. I've also been noticing that when I step forward in yoga my right foot turns out slightly. So anyway I got it checked out at PT today. Patellar tendonitis is the early diagnosis. Nothing too serious but the PT (new PT) thought it was interesting that while I also walk with a slight turn in my right foot it doesn't happen when I run. So I guess I'll just have to give up the walking.

Really looking forward to the trip to Virgina weekend after next. I just love running down there in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Absolutely beautiful and a great local trail running scene. Nic - not that it will make a difference to your being well ahead of me but I am planning - or at least hoping - to race Chippewa. Terrapin Mtn (VA race) is the training run :)

As well as the running, the cross-training is coming together a little better. For some reason I seem to still be making it to the pool. Hoping that sudden breakthrough in form will just happen I guess. Spin this morning was a little brutal after all the miles yesterday but the instructor Debbie is a good Monday morning energy boost - not OTT but just enough to make it fun. And then the really fun stuff... indoor rock climbing... yes, it rocks! Did a safety course on Saturday and passed the belay test this evening so at least Val and I can take turns now. Though there are quite a few auto-belay routes also. In any case, we've been spending most of our time upstairs in the bouldering area. It's brilliant. A little head wrecking but in a good way. There is a route we've tried each time for the past 3 visits - getting ONE step further each time! We've asked them not to change the route until we crack it :)

Registration for Afton is open. My semi-frozen swim in the St. Croix last Nov got me straight on the list! A good idea in hindsight? Perhaps. But I think I'll stick to the pool until at least May...

Now, it's officially St. Patrick's Day so I'll eat some shamrock and go to bed.


nwgdc said...

Stepping back to 40 miles/week, huh?

Racing Chippewa, you say?


I think 40 miles equals my last month's total. That's it, time to hit the road this morning. Thanks for the motivation. I at least want to be able to run near you for at least a little while!

SteveQ said...

You took a page out of my training diary (28 Saturday, 20 Sunday). Wouldn't you have gotten free entry to Afton for winning anyway, or am I misremembering?

SteveQ said...

Oh, and Happy St. Padraig's!

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