Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let it Snow...

As pretty as the white carpet looked when I got back to Minneapolis earlier this week (after a not-at-all white Christmas in Ireland) I was soon complaining when I had to clear my icy steps (my very kind neighbours took care of the footpath while I was out of town). But this weekend I had a blast snow shoeing 3 times in Hyland Park so I'm all about more snow...

After sweating more than I thought possible at Johnny J's 2hr spin yesterday morning, I headed out with Val and Ginger, her golden lab, who along with us had loadsa fun. Then this morning, after a swim and despite the -15 windchill Pam, Kami and I had fun catching up after the holidays as we meandered around the trails including a few trips up the old ski jump trail to warm up - it worked. I got back and got myself organized for the return to work tomorrow (ugghhh) and then Val called to say she was heading out again - the feeling had returned to my fingertips so of course I said I'd join! As well as Ginger we had neighbour dog Jack along also - who is about twice the size of Ginger who is not a small dog... so you know it when Jack steps on the back of your snowshoe :)

Started off the weekend with 'Candelight Yoga' Friday night so I figured it was a good way to finish it when I realised there was an early evening class at the Edina studio. Great way to stretch out while at the same time seriously relaxing!

So, a fun active start to the year. Too bad work has to get in the way tomorrow though I guess it will be nice to get back into a routine. At least for 2 weeks. Work trip back to Galway in mid-January which I think is a sign of the year ahead. Last year I did a good job of prioritizing my running over my job (hope the boss isn't reading this!) but I don't think I'll have the same luxury this year. BUT of course I need to remember I am lucky to have a good job - not to mention one I really enjoy!

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