Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bitterly cold?

Q: When does running in 4 degrees feel good?

A: When it’s on the centigrade scale.

Back in Ireland for the week where the weatherman’s “bitterly cold” means it might get below freezing so wrap up warm if you absolutely have to leave the house. Mind you the near constant rain sort of balances the mild temperatures so that it doesn't actually seem any better than Mpls!

But I was lucky to hit on a break in the clouds and even had some sunshine for a run on Sunday evening. I stopped off on my way from the airport to home at the park where I did a lot of my training for the Dublin marathon in '04. I remember all the mile markers that I clocked in my car so was pleasantly surprised to be able to average 7:15's. I was sucking wind but it felt good to push it without the risk of freezing the back of my throat!

In Galway now for work and got out with Dee this evening for my first track session in about 2 years. After a mile or so of warm up we did 6 x 800's at around 6:30 pace with a 90 second rest, and then a few miles cool down.

Now, back to Obamamania - full on coverage of the big day here also. Of course, with his Irish roots I wouldn't have expected anything less!!

Stay warm.

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