Saturday, November 22, 2008

Drop bag mania...

Swim-to-Bike bag (T1), Special Needs Bike bag (mile 62 of bike), Bike-to-Run bag (T2), Special Needs Run bag (mile 13 of run), Dry Clothes bag (start & finish line)... food for bento box on bike... this is worse than Sawtooth!! But I think I have it all sorted. At last. I am sure I'll have put something in the wrong bag but I'll do another run through in the morning.

It's been a fun few days so far. Seems a lot longer than yesterday morning since we landed in Phoenix. Met up with the girls after registraion - they'd been for a swim earlier and it sounded pretty rough. But thankfully it was a lot nicer this morning. Well, I did emerge after 15 minutes with a layer of slime on my face but apart from that it was just fine! Water on the cool side which is nice and refreshing. Then we biked around for a few minutes to check through the gears. No issues. Very little wind today and tomorrow should be same which is great. Downside is that it will be hot. 82 degrees predicted. Oh well, can't have it every way.

I have to say, I am kind of excited about it now. About time eh?! The bike is what scares me the most. I am pretty certain I'll want off it by around mile 50. I'll have a sore ass, both from the saddle and my glute issues... but mostly 'cos I am so not trained for another 62 miles!!

Anyway, too late now. Time to get some shuteye... though it's not even 9pm and therefore hours before my normal bedtime! But I got a good 7 hours last night so I'm doing well. We're leaving the hotel at 5am, via S'bucks... get bodymarked, water bottles on the bike, check through the drop bags one last time... and into the wetsuits...

(Tracking info below)