Monday, November 3, 2008

How to get lost in Wales...

Heard a funny story on NPR the other morning... In Wales all road signs are in Welsh as well as English (same in Ireland - as in, Irish and English). But apparently the guy responsible for road signs doesn't speak his native language. Recently he sent off a sign to the translation house and got an email back in Welsh, and duly had the signs made up. The reporter didn't say what the road sign was meant to read but clearly it wasn't "I'm currently out of the office."

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After 2 moderately tough runs this weekend and 3 weeks of 50+ miles, on a not so good foot, it should have come as no surprise to wake up to a very sore foot this morning! So the week's plan was soon revised. NO running for a few days... I really want to be able to run the company 6K around Rice Lake on Friday afternoon. And then enjoy a longish run in Boston on Sunday as I'll be out there for work for a few days. So, just swimming and yoga the next few days. And planning to give pool running a try on Wednesday. I have difficulty treading water so this should be fun!

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