Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend again

Where did that week go? Having spent far too much of it in work or sat at my desk at home I badly needed fresh air this evening. I had planned a long swim but after 20 minutes in the pool I knew I just needed to get outside. Got home, changed into my run gear and out the door for a fast lap of Calhoun and a few miles easy. It was long dark by the time I got home but perfect running temps.

So much for taking care of the foot. 38 miles this week and a long run at Afton yet to come... it feels pretty much the same when I run. No better, no worse. Though it does kinda hurt a lot right now. I should have ran less and mixed it up but it was impossible to plan around work. Missed spin last night. I am so screwed for the bike at IM. One long bike a week is not close to enough. But nonetheless will head out for 5hrs Sunday - in the wind again by the sounds of things.

Funny how things go - last week I was all over the Presidential campaign. Now I am amused by Michelle Bachman trying to dig her way out of a pretty deep hole. Her latest ad makes me just about puke. I don't know which female politician annoys me more these days.

Good Luck to John & Nic in the Fall 50!

End of post.