Thursday, August 21, 2008

Running for those who cannot...

The Cystic Fibrosis Association of Ireland charity is a very worthy cause. CF is Ireland's most common genetically inherited disease.We have the highest incidence of the disease in the developed world, with 1 in 19 members of the population being carriers of the recessive CF gene. It is when two carriers of the recessive gene parent a child together, there is a 1 in 4 risk of the child having the disease. There is no cure at present for this disease. To learn more about CF and the wonderful work done by the Cystic Fibrosis Association of Ireland please check out their website. For more information on the disease click here.

In 1998 I lost my childhood friend to this disease. We were both aged 21. It is to remember Nuala, and to support the more than 1000 children and their families that live with this disease every day in Ireland, that I ask you to consider donating. Any amount no matter how small is hugely appreciated.

In the years since Nuala passed I took up running and since moving to the US in 2005 I have discovered the joys of trail running. On September 5th I will attempt my first 100 mile race, the Superior Sawtooth. It is a point-to-point race on 100% trails on a course that follows the Superior Hiking Trail in Northern Minnesota along the north shore of Lake Superior. It is a very beautiful trail with (hopefully) enough scenery to keep me sane for the 30+ hours I will be running/walking/crawling.

Having completed a number of 50K and 50M races as well as numerous long training runs I've had plenty of time to reflect on how lucky I am to enjoy the life I've been given. To be blessed with good health, a loving family and wonderful friends. To wake up every day knowing I have the capacity to live life to the fullest and that the only thing standing in my way are the limits I place on myself. But not everyone is as fortunate. So if I can add meaning to my race by fundraising for CF it will make the effort all the more worthwhile.

Please click on this link to donate.

Taper starts here...

Well, the hard work is done now. Enough of it I hope. Finished off with a run around the Lakes this morning with Carrie for about 11 miles and then a visit to Hyland this evening for another 9. That was fun - sort of. I planned to do about 10 hill repeats, met up with Guy for the first few and then Val arrived and was planning to do 20. So of course I couldn't let her do them all alone... finished up with 21. Still, that was less than 2 hours on the hill. How on earth did Julie do 6 hour sessions out there?????

25 minute ice bath when I got home. My feet needed it they were feeling a bit tired. But I think I need to start adding more ice - it's not feeling quite as cold now that I am used to it!

Really looking forward to New Mexico. Will be great to chill out, not worry about work (though the laptop is coming with), and just hang out with my sis.

Wonder how the nerves will be this time two weeks...

end of post.