Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last big weekend...

I haven't quite decided what or where I'll be running this weekend but it'll be the last big training session before Sawtooth. I'll bike and run next week but moderate distance/effort and the following week I'll be on vacation in New Mexico so it'll just be a few runs (at altitude...) and then it'll be The Final Countdown...

Scary s**t. But I am super excited. I don't know why because there are more tough miles than easy miles on the course but I guess I don't run ultras for the easy stuff :)

Finally getting back into my yoga routine after a week+ off. Went back yesterday morning and then Deborah's class this morning. Brutal. But in a good way. Of course. Will probably make it again tomorrow and maybe Friday. It really helps loosen up my hamstrings in particular. And it's just a good workout. The class I go to is Vinyasa flow in a room at 80F so there's some serious sweating involved!

Biked 40 miles with Igor this evening - we were thinking of going to Prescott for the hills along 35 south but we decided to stay a bit closer to home. Started out along Co. Rd 20 just east of 494 and rode out to 95 - did a big loop including the lovely hills coming out of Afton village on 21 south. Boy, did those hills slow me down. Then a detour into the park itself to get another big climb in. Legs were feeling it. Tomorrow evening will be a run (after a massage which I hope will help the shoulders - pretty tight since the weekend). Hoping for a tempo run assuming the legs are recovered from today.

Came home from the bike ride to a scrumptious steak dinner - nothing like having a sister in town to feed you :)

end of post.