Sunday, August 10, 2008

100 miles on the SHT

I am hoping that come September 6th I will be able to repeat this heading and actually mean that I ran/walked all 100 miles together... but for now I am content that at least I have covered the entire course. The marathon in 2005 & 2006, Finland to Britton a few weeks ago, Split Rock to Finland yesterday, and Gooseberry to Split Rock this morning!

The knee actually felt pretty good this morning despite it looking a mess. So I got up around 7am (the start of my sleep catch-up) and drove to Split Rock, left the car there and ran the road back to Gooseberry... found the trail after meandering around on the ski trails for a while - and made my way back to Split Rock. I think about 11.5 miles in total with the various diversions. First time I have ever ran the morning after a 20+ mile run. Took a bit of warming up but it was nice to stretch it out for a bit on the road. I enjoyed the trail this morning though I'm not a big fan of ski trails - especially since they'll make our feet wet! - but at least the race starts out pretty gentle and the next several miles are runnable for the most part. Fabulous overlook of Lake Superior about half way along this section.

Got back to the cabin around 10am and sat in the lake for a bit again. Nice this morning since the sun was really warm. And then we set off for home. With a pit-stop in Duluth to check out Duluth Running Co. Nice store. I easily managed to drop a few dollars, including the 10 bucks Wynn found on the trail yesterday! Don't worry I do intend to make a donation to the SHTA but the office in Two Harbors wasn't open this morning :) It was so odd, we just saw all these dollar bills on the path a few miles into the run so I stuffed them in to my baggie with my ID. Can't be leaving litter on the trail...

Great weekend all around. And not over yet - planning to take the girls to Broader's this evening for dinner. What a fantastic spot, a huge menu of scrumptious fresh homemade pasta dishes. And a nice Italian wine menu to go with it. Not to mention the amazing deserts. Though I should probably pass given the slice of pie I devoured earlier - I'd been told I couldn't go by Betty's Pies one more time without stopping in. No kidding... I recommend the Rasberry Rhubarb Crunch!

end of post.