Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Test #2: PASS

Ran approx 7mi this morning and foot felt good. Yippee. I will see Dr. Pete in the morning for my shoulder (no change - still bothering me more since swimming last week) so I'll get his take on the foot but I expect it's fine. No swelling at all. I expect it will be sore when I run for longer but will just have to see how that goes. Funnily enough my right glute started to feel a bit off... if it's not one thing it's another.

Can't wait for the weekend - my sister and friend arrive Friday afternoon so I pick them up at MSP and head straight north. We are staying (in relative luxury) in one of the lakeside cabins at Grand Superior Lodge. I get to run ~40 miles on Saturday while they sight-see... not a bad deal. Meeting Wynn at 5am at Split Rock to run (/walk/crawl) to Finland. Looking forward to seeing more of the course. I am fascinated by what I've heard of the Beaver ponds.

Block party on my street tonight. It was fun - finally got to meet all my neighbors and I've only lived here 9 months! Nice folks. Way too much good food between that and the trip to DC. But it will be all worked off in Madison. Speaking of which, time to start packing... again.

end of post.