Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stepping it up...

I know. It's not like I don't do a lot already. But I am super motivated after the weekend up north to be as prepared as I can for Sawtooth. Or at least as prepared as I can be with a little over 7 weeks to go! Had a lovely run with Kami last night - 2 loops around Rice Lake sweating it out. Re-energized myself with a delicious Ahi Tuna steak at Pittsburg Blue. Dinner was good but I'd have my reservations about the place - given the prices I think they'd be better off keeping the food high quality and simple and not trying to load up every dish. Way too much sauces and toppings on everything. Wine menu was good though - had a pinot noir from Oregon that went down a treat!

Anyway, back to business. Rode just under 30 this evening with Pam and Carrie. Great to catch up with Carrie - superstar that she is winning the Olympic at Lifetime this past weekend!! The plan for the rest of the week is hills tomorrow, long easy run around the lakes Thursday and long bike Friday. Then a long trail run Saturday morning. Live it up at a friends wedding that evening. And possibly bike long on Sunday - depending how the legs (and head) are feeling. Decided to skip the Annandale triathlon on Sunday. I've been over and back on it but my anti-swimming month is in full swing so I will just head out there to cheer on Susan and Pam!

end of post.