Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm back

Two weeks without a post. Maybe I've been doing nothing worth talking about? Hardly...

2 triathlon race reports from my trip to Ireland to follow shortly - Mullaghmore June 21 (close to my home in Co. Sligo) and Kilkee June 28 (Co. Clare). If you happen to be contemplating a triathlon which involves an ocean swim you might want to hold off until after you read them :)

Meanwhile, Afton is coming up quick. Not at all ready for it. Still hanging onto my longtime goal of breaking 5hrs but won't be surprised if that plan crumbles in the 80+ degree sunshine. Not that the heat will be to blame. More likely my diet of coffee, chocolate & wine for the past 2 weeks. Complemented by an average 5 hours sleep per night. Taper? Not quite. Fun? You bet.

end of post.